Face Facts ladies, pampering is very essential and should be taken advantage of perhaps once a month (or more!). Maintenance for the body and mind plays an important role in the normal day to day running of our lives and whether you suffer from stress, tired aching muscles or joint pain this is where the various massage treatments on offer can be styled to suit your lifestyle. F

Swedish massage is the foundation for many treatments which are blended to address specific needs and then adapted to suit the client. Massage is very enjoyable, relaxing and has many benefits; stress reduction, muscle tone is improved aiding in better joint function and good posture. Toxins are also eliminated from the body which can make you feel sluggish.

Reiki is a very gentle but extremely powerful healing treatment which can be used on its own, alongside all other treatments and with conventional medicine. It boosts the immune system and eliminates stress and tension. Reiki promotes self healing


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